Queen Angelfish

The Queen Angelfish is a beautiful yellow and blue shimmering addition to the home aquarium.  It is possible to keep this fish in your home reef but it is a gamble and may be a costly one.

Common Names:  Queen Angelfish

Skill Level: Difficult

Disposition: Aggressive

Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025



Best kept in large aquariums 250 gallons or more the Queen Angelfish brings a mixture of yellow, orange, and electric blue to the home aquarium.  To me the most attractive trait of this species of angelfish is the “crown”, a dark blue or black spot on the forehead of the fish surrounded by electric blue.  Reaching sizes fifteen inches or more the Queen Angelfish requires large open areas of swimming area but also several nooks in live rock to sleep in at night.

The Queen Angel fish is considered a very difficult fish to keep for several reasons.  The largest reason I would consider this a difficult fish is because the quality of water this fish requires has to be pristine and has to be very stable. This means low nitrates and phosphates.  Besides the quality of water the next issue is getting your Angelfish to eat properly to stay healthy.  When first introduced into your aquarium it can be very difficult to get your Queen Angelfish to eat.  This is why I recommend only introducing this angelfish to an aquarium that has been established for at least a year.  Until the angelfish learns to take the food you provide to it, it can get nourishment from some of the sponges or feather dusters that have grown in your aquarium. However this nippy trait can cause havoc on a reef tank since its appetite can also include your show corals.  The last reason would be that this fish can be a bully to its tank mates.  Preferably just keep one Queen Angel per tank and if you are going to keep more than one type of large Angel try to add them at the same time so you do not end up with one fish claiming the tank.

Better suited for fish only aquariums some hobbyists are willing to take the gamble that the Queen Angel they purchased will not nip at their corals.  I have taken the gamble twice and luckily one of them only nips at the corals if he gets really hungry.  If this particular Queen Angel is fed regularly it leaves the corals alone.  However it is a very curious fish so he can be caught picking around at the corals often.  I’m willing to pay this price for keeping such a beautiful fish.

Queen Angelfish Nipping at SPS corals


A quick video of a Queen Angelfish being a little to curious with the polyps on some SPS corals.


I feed my fish a mixture of raw shrimp, large flakes, pellets, and feather dusters.  In my sump I have an unlimited number of feather dusters growing so once a week I will pluck a few out and toss them in the tank. The Queen Angelfish gobbles them up happily.  This is my Queen Angelfishes current diet and so far I have a very healthy Queen Angel.





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