Encrusting Montipora Coral


Encrusting Montipora corals are a many-colored and beautiful group of Montipora coral which grows over the surface it is attached to instead of building its own skeleton and growing up toward the light. This makes them unlike like many other SPS and more like Green Star Polyps as far as growth patterns are concerned. You could almost consider the Encrusting Montiporas way of growth the exact opposite of the Montipora Capricornis.

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Mobile Anemone

I thought this was neat so I figured I would make a quick post of it. In my RBTA anemone propagation tank a red bubble tip anemone grabbed onto a snail shell and for weeks has been a mobile anemone. Hanging onto the snail shell it cruises around the tank apparently happy or I would assume it would let go.


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High Phosphates in Reef Aquarium

Dealing with high phosphates in reef aquariums is something that every marine hobbyist will have to address.  There are many ways to handle high phosphates such as frequent water changes, GFO, Chateo algae in the sump, and my favorite to date is algae scrubbers (read about algae Scrubbers on Corallore). However this article is not specifically about how to lower your high phosphates since that has been discussed many times through forums and articles on the internet and books.  This article goes over the important steps you need to take to protect your reef inhabitants while you have high phosphates so they do not die.

Green Montipora cap browned out during phosphate spike

Green Montipora cap browned out during phosphate spike

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Copperband Butterfly eating Aiptasia

Copperband butterfly fish

Copperband Butterfly fish love to eat Aiptasia. Which is great for for people keeping marine aquariums, since they look beautiful and will also keep your tank clean of this pest anemone.
Below is a small video of a Copperband Butterfly eating Aiptasia.

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Dendro – Video Taken underwater


Took a quick video of some Dendros with the camera in the tank. A lot of people in the saltwater community are so wrapped up in SPS that they have forgotten about the beauty of Softies and LPS!

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