Copperband Butterfly eating Aiptasia

Copperband butterfly fish

Copperband Butterfly fish love to eat Aiptasia. Which is great for for people keeping marine aquariums, since they look beautiful and will also keep your tank clean of this pest anemone.
Below is a small video of a Copperband Butterfly eating Aiptasia.

In this video you will see that I have placed a rock from my grow out tank into a tank with a Copperband Butterfly. The grow out tank does not have a resident Copperband so the Aiptasia can quickly take hold. I do a constant rotation of grow out corals / rocks into the Copperband tank so that the fish gets fed and the corals are kept pest free. The rock in the video took about two days to be totally cleaned of Aiptasia. Click here to learn more about Copperband Butterfly fish care or click here for an alternative to aiptasia removal.



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