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  1. Hello, I’v had my BTR anemone now for 6 years now & It has split twice – I’m going to call THIS one the mother anemone ok – the mother is attached on a large piece of LR, anyway to make this simple – The rock rolled down & torn 1 very fat tentical, I’ts def damaged & I don’t know what to do. Can the BTR anemone live through something like this . The foot didn’t get damaged, just a tentical… Please help

    1. Hi, I’m sorry to hear that your rock tumbled and your anemone was damaged. If the foot is not torn I would say that your anemone will probably heal up and be fine. To ensure your anemones chances I would run some fresh carbon on your tank just to help clean up the water and reduce any chance of infection on the damaged tentacles. If its just one flattened tentacle i would worry though. Good luck with your anemone!

  2. Hi, first of all, thanks for the info on anemone propagation!!! I am wondering where you found the clear container with all those holes for the anemones to sit in. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thanks for the comment. I picked up that basket from a local Walmart in the house wears section. Its a shower basket for shampoo and stuff like that. It works great!

  3. Thanks for all the great info! Did have a question in regards to flowerpot corals and their care? Thanks!

  4. Bought a green montiplora plating frag . Great at first now 2 weeks later it has lost its colour and looks like it as bleached. All my other sps and lps corals are doing great and water conditions spot on. Frag is placed in good water flow and situated high in the tank . Any ideas what is wrong ?

    1. My first guess would be that the frag you got had been accustomed to a lower light level and since you put it high in the tank it’s bleaching because it cannot handle the light. I would move it to the middle.of the tank or lower for a few weeks and see if it colors back up then if you want it higher gradually move it up .

  5. Hi we think we have an aiptasia, we are new to this, lol and we don’t want to kill something if we do not have to.. is there anyway I can email a photo to some one to let me know for sure. of course it does not look like any photo we can find online. thanks Beth

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I do not currently collect any registration data for the site. The only login is for admins. Glad you like the site and thank you for the comment!

  6. Hi I just bought tree sponge from foxy aquarium.
    three tree sponge came in a plastic bag but they did have some room with out water taht maybe the sponge got exposed and have white on its tip. I contacted the website thru email since they dont have phone no..
    my question is can i just cut it of? my previous tree coral from local store have some whiye spots but i just keep it that way then after a week it spread and I throw it..
    Thank you,

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