Blue Life Aiptasia Rx Review

Aiptasia RX killing Aiptasia Anemone

Aiptasia Rx is sold as a simple and effective solution for treating Aiptasia and Majano anemones,  which kills the pest anemones within minutes.   Here is my Blue Life Aiptasia Rx Review and its effectiveness.

Upon opening the box you find that there is an application syringe and a bottle of Aiptasia Rx.
The directions read to turn off the power head and skimmers. The next step is to shake the bottle
and extract 1 cc/ml of the Aiptasia killing control using the provided syringe. Place the syringe
over the Aiptasia and apply the contents of the syringe on the top of the anemone you want to
kill. This seemed easy enough.

In my first test case when I extracted the recommended amount and applied it to the Aiptasia
anemone I didn’t see the immediate results I had expected. It seemed to be that the recommended
amount to kill an anemone was a little too low. To see if this product worked in a more
immediate manner I then doubled the dosage.

My next observation was that applying the paste to an open anemone required a little bit of
stealth. Passing my hand between my lights and the anemone or any quick movement would
cause the anemone to close up and shrink down into the rock. If the anemone is closed up
applying the paste is much less effective if it will even work at all. After a few attempts I
finally “snuck up” on an open pair of Aiptasia anemones.

I squirted the Aiptasia Rx product onto the top of the anemones. With the power heads off it fell strait down into them instead of floating off into the tank which I liked.

Within five minutes I could see the Aiptasia killing product taking effect as the anemones started to curl in upon themselves.

A few minutes after that there was barely anything visible of the Aiptasia anemone.

Twelve minutes after applying the dosage to the anemone it looks fully melted.

Pro’s for this product.

1. It definitely works, I did this experiment two weeks ago and the anemone has not come

2. Very quick results.

3. Reef safe, I placed some of the Aiptasia Rx on a small frag of zooanthids as a test and
they showed no ill effects.

Con’s for this product.

1. It is a pain to have to reach around the tank to apply the Aiptasia Rx product and you will
get wet. In a larger tank some Aiptasia anemones were impossible to reach. This however is not the products fault.

2. For me the recommended dosage was not enough, so in my case I went through the
product faster.

3. It is time consuming, you have to actually sneak up on the anemones and if they retract
you have to come back later, again not the products fault just a pain.

Overall thoughts for my Blue Life Aiptasia Rx Review.

Yes, Aiptasia Rx is effective and does kill Aiptasia anemones. I can see this being very useful for small tanks, Nanos, and frag tanks. On the flip side if you have a larger tank the work it takes to actually get in the tank and apply the Aiptasia Rx is a bit too much for my liking. For one of my display tanks I have gone with a Copperband butterfly fish that I have personally seen eating the Aiptasia and did a great job of getting rid of the pest Aiptasia Anemones. This is a much less invasive solution for a larger display tank although more expensive and it is somewhat difficult to find a Copperband butterfly that is eating and healthy. I have read another alternative to Aiptasia RX is peppermint shrimp although personally I have never had much luck with them. Overall, in my opinion Blue Life Aiptasia Rx works great for smaller tanks but for a larger tank it is too much of a nuisance to use.

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