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    1. Yes the site is still active however I have not posted anything new in a long time, just been responding to emails mostly!

  1. This is very specific to me and my coral tank, but I converted from T5HO light to LED Hydra 26 from AI, specifically. I have acclimated my corals and my tank is looking great. What kind of settings should I plan on with my Hydra’s? I have UV, violet, deep blue, royal blue, green, red, and white lights. They all go from 0% to 100%. I have no idea what my end goal should be and I don’t want my corals to be injured while I’m trying to figure the lighting system out. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Susan
      I wish I could be of more help but I do not have a lot of expierence with LEDs. At least not enough that I would be comfortable enough giving advice. I know in our local reef club its rare that anyone exceeds 80% output of their LEDs because it starts cooking the corals. What did you start your settings at?

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