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Blastomussa Merletti

July 14, 2012

Blastomussa Merletti are  a very pretty and hardy LPS which makes this coral a good choice for both beginner and experienced reef keepers combined.  In my opinion, this coral closely resembles Acan corals. While not offering the variety of color combinations, it is a hardier coral and more tolerant of less than perfect aquarium conditions.

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Salifert Flatworm eXit Review

July 1, 2012

Flatworms are a very small organism which are normally a brownish red color.  Even though they are very small, they can quickly become a huge nightmare.  If you have flatworms, you need to deal with them quickly.  Below I have outlined my experience with flatworms and have included a Salifert Flatworm eXit Review to my blog.  

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