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Frag mounting: Horizontal vs Vertical

May 30, 2012

As far as fragging SPS the act is pretty basic. Take a mother colony, break a few branching pieces off, then glue them to a piece of rubble rock or frag plug.  However, does it matter if you mount the newly fragged coral horizontal verses mounting it vertical?

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Emerald Crab

May 22, 2012

  Dark Green with hairy legs and built like a tank the Emerald Crab is a very affordable scavenger which can be added to your reef aquarium.  As a general rule of thumb crabs in general cannot be considered 100% reef safe, however, the Emerald Crab is just about as close as you can come […]

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Queen Angelfish

May 14, 2012

The Queen Angelfish is a beautiful yellow and blue shimmering addition to the home aquarium.  It is possible to keep this fish in your home reef but it is a gamble and may be a costly one.

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Cactus Coral

May 7, 2012

While the cactus coral may not be one of the most unique or brightly colored corals it boasts one of the most interesting coral growth patterns found of any SPS.  Also known as a Pavona Coral or lettuce coral can be found in purple, brown, and different shades of green.

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