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Pink Anthelia Coral

January 31, 2012

Pink Anthelia Coral are a common coral for beginners.  This coral encrusts to rock (or anything else it can touch) and once a large colony is established it brings a lot of wavy purple/pink movement to your reef. This coral is sometimes referred to as glove coral or waving hand coral and gets its name […]

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Hammer Coral

January 27, 2012

Close up of Hammer Coral Tentacles Green Tips The Hammer coral gets its name from the hammer or anchor shape of its tentacles. During the day the tentacles are extended and provide nice movement to the reef which is much like the movement you would normally find only in soft corals. On top of the […]

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January 19, 2012

The Dendrophyllia coral is one of my favorite LPS corals. The strong splash of yellow and orange that it adds to the reef is hard to match from any other coral besides the sun coral. It is important to realize that the sun coral and the Dendro are different corals even though they look very […]

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Green Pocillopora

January 17, 2012

The Green Pocillopora Coral is an extremely fast growing coral even by SPS standards.  Once the coral is established in your reef tank its growth can be explosive once you have provided the right water flow, light, calcium, and other trace elements to the water. Green Pocillopora coral growth resembles thick lumpy branches covered in […]

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